ACS CCP Exam Scholarship!

To all CACG Members:  The Guild has approved funding to underwrite a scholarship for a qualified CACG member to take the 2017 ACS CCP Exam on July 26 in Denver, CO. The scholarship will include $500 to cover the exam fee, plus an additional $500 to offset travel and conference expenses pending the recipient’s successful passage of the exam. A subcommittee composed of CACG Board members will review scholarship applications.
What is the ACS CCP Exam?
The exam was created by ACS to encourage standards of improved comprehensive knowledge and service in the cheese industry.  The exam evaluates candidates’ understanding of core competencies common to the specialty cheese industry.  The designation “ACS CCP” after an individual’s name is a mark of professional excellence, indicating that the individual has acquired a level of knowledge and expertise that is demanded throughout the cheese industry.  CCPs will be required to renew their certification every 3 years by demonstrating continued professional development.
The application deadline for the CACG ACS CCP Exam Scholarship is April 30.
In addition to meeting the ACS eligibility criteria (visit for full details), applicant must:
  • Be a member of CACG in good standing.
  • Be accepted as a 2017 ACS CCPE candidate. The deadline for exam applications to the ACS is March 31. The CACG scholarship recipient will have to offer proof of CCPE acceptance to collect the award.
  • Not have already benefitted from a company sponsorship of the CCP exam fee.
  • Submit an original, short explanation of the candidate’s experience and goals in the California cheese community and discuss:
    • How the CCP credential will benefit both the individual AND the California Artisan Cheese Guild in the coming years, and
    • How this education can be passed on to advance the level of industry expertise & professionalism amongst fellow Guild members
  • Following the exam, the candidates must write an essay about the experience to be shared via CACG website and newsletter.
  • Submit the above by 11:59 PST on April 30, 2017 via e-mail to:
The CACG will offer $500 upon receipt of the scholarship to cover the cost of the exam registration. The additional $500 will be awarded once the recipient successfully passes the exam.
Exam Date:  July 26, 2017
Exam Location:  Denver, CO
**Deadline for submissions to CACG – April 30, 2017***