Bleating Heart Cheese
Cerini Road Tomales CA 94971

Year started: 2009

Cheeses:  Fat Bottom Girl, Shepardista, and Ewelicious Blue…plus 2 new jersey milk cheeses in development

Tour/Visit Info:

We hope to begin offering seasonal tours beginning sometime in 2014.

Fun Fact:Our Fat Bottom Girl cheese was selected as one of the top 58 cheeses in the world at the 2013 World Cheese Awards

Available at:
If you are looking to buy our cheese, your best bet is to contact one of our friendly cheese distributors which include Tomales Bay Foods (866) 249-7833, or Greenleaf : (415) 647-2991, World’s Best Cheese: 510-769-1150, or you can visit our website for a list of retailers and other distributors:

Bleating Heart was founded in 2009 by cheesemaker Seana Doughty, a southern California native who came to the Bay area with dreams of making sheep milk cheese. This inspiration came about after quitting a desk job to do a stint working as a cheesemonger at Venissimo cheese shop in San Diego. Dave Dalton (Seana’s husband) joined Bleating Heart full time as a partner and cheesemaker in 2011. Seana is also a partner in Black Oaks Sheep Dairy, which was founded in 2010 as California’s 5th sheep dairy.

Sheep milk cheeses include Fat Bottom Girl (yes it was inspired by the Queen song) and Shepherdista. Sheep milk is seasonal so the sheep cheeses are seasonal as well, with availability from spring through fall. From time to time Bleating Heart also makes cow, goat, and mixed milk cheeses. Also in the works…. a blue cheese, and larger format sheep cheeses that can age longer to try and offer cheese year round.

After a few years of renting other cheesemakers’ creameries, Seana and Dave recently finished their own microcreamery on the 1,000 acre Thornton Ranch in the historic town of Tomales, just one hour north of San Francisco. The Thornton Ranch is also home to California’s newest sheep dairy.

Seana and Dave are both active members of the California Artisan Cheese Guild.