Pennyroyal Farm
14930 Highway 128
Boonville CA 95415

Year started: 2012

Owner:  Sarah Cahn-Bennet

Cheesemaker and Herd Co-Owner:  Erika McKenzie-Chapter

Cheeses:  Bollie’s Mollies, Boont Corner’s Tomme (Two Month, Vintage, and Reserve), Boonter’s Blue, Laychee, Velvet Sister

Milk Type:  Goat and Mixed Milk (Goat and Sheep)

Fun Facts:
College friends Sarah and Erika combined their respective skills in viticulture and cheesemaking, along with their mutual passion for farming, to create the integrated farm that is Pennyroyal.

Available at:
Available at the Navarro Vineyards Tasting Room and Lemon’s Market in Philo, The General Store in Boonville, Harvest Markets in Mendocino and Fort Bragg, The Cheese Shop Healdsburg, Big John’s in Healdsburg, Ukiah Co-Op, Mill Valley Market, Petaluma Market, Mission Cheese and Cheese Plus in San Francisco, and Epicurean Connection in Sonoma. On the menu at The Boonville Hotel, Laconde, Ad Hoc, Bar Agricole, Commis, Delfina, Farmhouse Inn, Foreign Cinema, Gather, Gregoire’s, JoLe, Wood Tavern, Zuni Café, Scopa, The Girl and the Fig, and Cafe Beaujolais to name a few! Order on-line at:

Visitors Welcome:  Yes
get frequent updates and behind the scenes photos on facebook,sign up for our Farm to Table Club at, or order on-line at:

Tour/Visit Info:
Visitors currently by appointment only, but we will be open to the public for both sales and regular tours in 2013.

Pennyroyal Farm is committed to producing handcrafted cheese exclusively from goats and sheep that are raised at our own family farm. Pampered animals munch on wild grasses and pennyroyal mint that blanket our sixty-six acre farmstead and vineyard in Boonville, California. The milk is transformed into fresh and aged cheeses just steps from the animals’ pastures and, like our grapes, Pennyroyal cheeses reveal a strong sense of place. By integrating animal husbandry and viticulture we avoid many of the pitfalls of monoculture and each farming endeavor enhances and compliments the other. Our farmstead herd consists of 137 dairy goats and 25 dairy sheep, which are milked seasonally. Both the goats and sheep give birth in the spring, and their milk is combined to make mixed versions of our cheese for approximately 5 months until the sheep stop producing. The remaining 5 months of the season we make exclusively goat milk versions of our cheese.