Schoch Family Farmstead Cheese
109995 Assisi Way
Salinas, CA 93907

Year started: 1944

Owners:  Brothers Ty, Seth, and Beau Schoch

Cheeses:  East of Edam, Galiban, Junipero, Mt. Toro Tomme, and Monterey Farmstead Jack

Fun Facts:
Schoch is the last creamery in Monterey County left making Monterey Jack.

Available at:
Limited production found only at farmers markets/retail around the Salinas area, but expanding production soon!

Cheese making is a relatively new venture for the Schoch Family who have owned and operated their small dairy farm in Salinas since 1944. The dairy was started by the Schoch brothers’ grandfather, Ernest, and his brother Adolph, who emigrated from Switzerland in the 1920s. Today, the dairy business is owned by their parents, John and Mary Schoch. The 100 acre ranch is home to about 200 head of cattle, including 100 cows that are milked twice a day by their father, John.

What started as a hobby a few years ago on the family kitchen stove top, is now a bona fide business that supplies several stores and restaurants in Carmel, Monterey and Salinas, as well as the farmers market. The word is getting around about their flavorful, artisan cheese, and the family is trying to keep up with the growing demand.