Hello cheese lovers!

During these difficult times, our cheesemakers need your support NOW more than ever. Artisan cheesemakers run small businesses that help support local communities. Our cheesemakers are an integral part of our working landscape here in California. Many are dairy farmers themselves and others purchase their milk from neighboring family dairy farms, helping to power the agricultural community.

Spring is a particularly bountiful and critical time for our cheesemakers, who are flush with milk following the arrival of the season’s calves, kids, and lambs. Cheesemakers and dairy farmers are among the hardest working people around, working tirelessly to transform this liquid bounty into cheese. By choosing to buy California cheese, especially fresh cheeses, you can do your delicious part to keep cheesemakers and their families in business. Support your local cheesemaker, keep California’s agricultural economy churning, and make sheltering-in-place a more flavorful experience! And who doesn’t need some cheese to spark join in their lives right now?!

You can purchase cheeses directly from our Guild cheesemakers by following this link, or by seeking out California cheeses when you are shopping at your local market or cheese shop. #BuyCAcheese

Thank you! Your purchase of California cheeses keeps our cheesemakers churning and the cheeses you love available for the future!

The California Artisan Cheese Guild