Cypress Grove
1330 Q Street
Arcata CA 95521

Year started: 1983

Cheeses:  Humboldt Fog, Truffle Tremor, Bermunda Triangle, Midnight Moon, Lamb Chopper, Purple Haze, PsycheDillic, Sgt. Pepper, Herbs de Humboldt, Ms. Natural, and Fromage Blanc.

Fun Facts:
The highest recorded temperature for Arcata, CA for July 1 is 64 degrees in 1997.

Visitors Welcome: Yes

Our cheesemaking day begins at dawn with a pasteurizing vat — or two – full of fresh goat milk from Humboldt County farms. We know it is impossible to make great cheese with anything less than perfect milk. So before heating the milk, samples are taken to our lab and tested for quality. Our dairies are paid on milk quality: we look for cleanliness, a high percentage of protein, and low overall bacteria counts. To encourage milk quality, several years ago we implemented a bonus system. Since then, quality has exceeded Grade A and our farms maintain higher standards and earn more money for their milk than ever before.