What is the California Artisan Cheese Guild?

The California Artisan Cheese Guild (CACG) is a member-driven nonprofit organization promoting artisan cheese and cheesemaking in the state of California. Our membership is composed of cheesemaker, cheese trade, and enthusiast members throughout the state.

What does the Guild do?

The California Artisan Cheese Guild hosts and participates in dozens of educational forums and public events throughout the year to promote California artisan cheese. We host SF Cheese Fest each September and collaborate with the California Artisan Cheese Festival each March.

Why should I join the Guild?

If your business or career objectives are in the realm of specialty cheese, if you dream of or love eating cheese, you should join the Guild. Our non-profit organization is fuelled by the passion and creativity of our members. Our volunteer Board of Directors offers an opportunity for aspiring leaders looking to contribute ideas and action that guide the future.

What Are the Benefits of Membership?

One of the foremost benefits of membership is being an insider in the growing, thriving, creative network of artisan cheesemakers, dairy farmers, cheesemongers, distributors, food writers, educators, and cheese lovers of all sorts who make up our membership. Members have first and often exclusive access to special events and educational opportunities, usually at discounted member rates. As a member you help to keep the craft of artisan cheesemaking alive in California and beyond!

How do I become a member?

You can join the Guild on the member signup page. Guild membership is open to cheesemakers making cheese professionally in a licensed milk products plant, members of the cheese trade, and enthusiasts who are not professionally involved in the cheese industry.

I’ve been thinking about getting into cheese professionally. Where do I start?

Joining the Guild is a great place to begin. You’ll receive our weekly e-mail with educational, career, and volunteer opportunities and will have access to a number of networking opportunities.

Where can I buy artisan cheese?

Some of our cheesemaker members ship cheese directly, or you can browse a list of our trade members to find a cheese shop near you!

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Our Mission is celebrating the quality and diversity of artisan cheese produced in California through partnerships, outreach and education.

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