Fiscalini Cheese Company
7206 Kiernan Ave Modesto CA 95358
209-545-5495 800-610-3276

Year started: 2000

Cheesemaker:  Mariano Gonzales

Cheeses:  Clothbound Cheddar, Lionza, San Joaquin Gold

Available at:
Widely available at cheese counters and in chain grocery stores like Safeway.

Visitors Welcome: Yes

Our aged cheeses are made by hand from the finest milk in California – produced from our very own contented cows, and aged in our special aging rooms, then watched over by our master cheesemaker Marino Gonzalez. Mariano’s passion is to make clothbound cheddar in the rich tradition of the United Kingdom. Our Bandage Wrapped Cheddar won Best Extra Mature Traditional Cheddar in the World at the 2007 World Cheese Awards in London.